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Upgrading Hardware need help

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9. November 2017 13:10:37

so guys half a year ago a build a pc cpu i3 6100 and gtx 760
so im gona sell them them both together for 75€ and
and with my money i have right now im gona have 185 € maybe i could stretch it too 200
and with that money i want to buy a new cpu
i already have a gpu r9 380
so for my budget what should i buy
i could buy a i5 7600 used or i5 7500 new that would fit my budget perfdctly (i5 7500 it only costs 182 on amazon)
i wanted to buy a ryzen too but therefore i would need to buy a new motherboard too rip me
so guys what do you guys think what should i buy. i thonk for my budget the i5 7500 would be nice

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9. November 2017 13:40:30

Hi Diyrr,

besides it would have given you more relies to post english on tomshardware.com - your plan seems to be fine
^^offer for your region.
Or wait a bit for special offer on i5-7600 - which will come as coffee lake is releazed and will be available sometime in the future.