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Black monitor screen after upgrading CPU and motherboard

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9. November 2017 23:10:48

Hello people,

I recently got my new Hardware:

Intel i7 7700k
Asrock H110M dvs-r3.0 motherboard

Once I put it all together I booted up my pc but the monitor stayes black, it does not receive any signal at all...

What causes this problem? :(  Can someone help me out?

Thank you very much!

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10. November 2017 08:51:13

I think you ran into the problem, that the CPU on this board is just supported since BIOS Version P1.10.
You have to put in a CPU that is supportet by first BIOS Version and update the BIOS.


Another way is to send the mainboard back and ask the dealer to have a look at the BIOS version before sening you another one.

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a b V Prozessoren
a b V Motherboards
10. November 2017 10:13:31

better send the H110m board back and get a newer B250M board
the first released BIOS could be the P1.10, which would support the 7th gen, but could be a fault in documentary on the ASrock page.

also a possible fault: how did you connect the monitor to the PC and which monitor are you using?

does the PC beep?

which power supply is in use? 4+4 ATX12V or 8pin EPS plugged in?
CPU fan plugged into CPU_FAN1 and not CHA_FAN1?
check front panel connectors

bent CPU socket pins on the motherboard?

motherboard correctly installed with stand offs in the correct places?