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Sapphire nitro r9 fury thermalthrottles

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13. Dezember 2017 15:33:24

Please my r9 fury wont clock on stock speeds only if i rise the power limit up to 50% and undervolt and even then the temps go crazy and it thermalthrottles

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13. Dezember 2017 15:48:07

Thema von k.hockbertrams : "R9 fury locks at 950mhz"

k.hockbertrams sagte:
Please help me ive recently bought myself a sapphire r9 fury nitro what clocks at 1050mhz but mine locks at 940mhz

robberlin sagte:
Hello :) 
we've had a similar thread like yours some days before. If its possible by your card I think the solution was to rise the power target of the card, so that the higher power limit gives the card the chance to get higher frequency wich results more amps.

Please install msi afterburner with activated OSD settings a have a look at the Data shown when you're stressing the card

BR, Robberlin

helpstar sagte:
which power supply are you using?

which motherboard and CPU?
motherboard BIOS version ?

2x8PIN PCIe power connected?

We do speak german too ;) 


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13. Dezember 2017 22:06:19

Sorry at all who helped me my stupidity was the problem it was furmark at which it only was using a low clock speed all newer games work just fine i even managed to overclock it to 1120 mhz with low temps