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AOC Shadow Control

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3. Januar 2018 23:00:52

Hey guys,

so i got a pretty good deal on a 144hz/1440p Monitor. Its the AOC AGON AG241QX.

Now i really enjoy that monitor but 1 feature about it drives me absolutely crazy. Its called shadow control. I just cannot disable/deactivate that feature. I dont even find ANYTHING at all about that on the net.

My problem is the shadow control causes ministuttering when going into smoke Grenades in csgo for example. And the fact that the monitor is constantly making spots brighter or darker in games is just very annoying for me.

So i was thinking about something like going into the Monitors "Bios" and disable it? That may sound weird and im not an expert but there must be a way to disable that thing shouldnt it?

I appriciate your help guys!

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vor 19 Minuten

Hello, please help yourself and have a look at the manual. it took me about 5 minutes of time to find the right information there.
When you can't act like described in the manual and when it won't work like described in the manual, please contact the vendor.

Best Regards, Robberlin